Outfit of the Day

Outfits of the Day, May 21st to 25th

The weather continues to be back and forth. Some days were nice (mostly) but some days were chilly. I can’t wait for it to be 70 degrees when I get up in the morning, so I don’t have to worry about a sweater anymore for the mornings and then get hot in the afternoon. I did not wear vintage on Tuesday this week because it was rainy and cold, so I wore a modern trouser and blouse (I didn’t take a picture because it was boring). I still need to invest in some 1940s trousers for days like this.

Monday, May 21, 2018

Today I finally got to wear a true vintage skirt from the 1950s that I found at The Vintage Market in Salem, CT at the end of March.

Cardigan: JJ Perfection on Amazon

Skirt: true vintage from Va Va Voom Vintage in Waltham, MA

Necklace: true vintage

Shoes: Chase & Chloe


Wednesday, May 23, 2018

I was off from work today and it was a beautiful, warm, sunny day so I wore a dress that I wouldn’t wear to work normally. I got to spend some time in the ward with my dog, which was nice! And of course I can never take a picture at home without her at my feet!

Dress: Wish

Shoes: Target

Pearls: Forever 21

Vintage Dresses from Wish

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Dress: Gown Town on Amazon

Pearls: true vintage

Shoes: Chase & Chloe

1950s Swing Dress from Gown Town

Friday, May 25, 2018

Dress: Wish

Hat: True Vintage from Tova’s Vintage Shop in Old Saybrook, CT

Glasses: Zenni Optical

Shoes: Chase & Chloe

1950s Dress from Wish

Outfit of the Day

Outfits of the Day May 1st to 4th

This week was a short work week for me, because I flew back from Florida on Monday night. I did wear a comfortable vintage style outfit on Monday, but I was running around and then in the airport and on the plane for hours so I didn’t get a picture. So you only get 4 to see four outfits for the week day post update. I do post my outfit everyday on Instagram (sparkleshan), but I save the outfit details  and where everything is from, for my blog posts.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Dress: Unique Vintage

Cardigan: MAK Crop Cardigan from Amazon

Shoes: Chase & Chloe from Amazon

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

I’m not sure if this dress is available anymore, but I got it a few weeks ago during Unique Vintage’s $25 Dress Shop Sale, totally score!

Dress: Unique Vintage

Shoes: Modcloth

Vintage Floral Dress from Unique Vintage

Thursday, May 3, 2018

This dress cost me less then $30 on Amazon and I got 2 day free shipping with Prime. The quality is actually really great for the price and I got a lot of compliments on the dress. I’m wearing the Zest is History Heel from Modcloth. I love these heels because they come in my tiny size 5, and most of my other vintage style heels are 5.5 which is slightly to big, but I make due because I can never find vintage shoes I like in my size. These heels come in multiple colors besides black.


Shoes: Modcloth

Vintage Nautical Dress from Amazon

Friday, May 4, 2018

Top: Steady Clothing

Skirt: Unique Vintage (it has POCKETS!!!)

Shoes: Chase & Chloe from Amazon

Turban: Wish

1940s Style clothing from Unique Vintage

The weather this week was my ideal temperature in the low 80s and 70s, so I got to wear some sleeveless dresses that I haven’t worn before and I was excited about that! Next week its supposed to be in the low 60s (boo) so I have a feeling I will be wearing a lot of cardigans. This weekend is the Kentucky Derby and I can’t wait to wear this awesome new dress and hat and share it with you all in my weekend outfit post!

Outfit of the Day

I’m not prepared to dress for the cold

Because I am on a limited budget for buying vintage and vintage reproduction clothes, I haven’t gotten to the point yet where I have purchased vintage trousers. And to be honest I have only found one pair of vintage trousers that I like on the Vivien of Holloway website. They are a company based in England and right now the British pound is more than the US dollar so that does not work in my favor. I love these trousers but they are a little out of the price range I want to pay for a pair of pants right now so needless to say I don’t have any vintage trousers right now. So this winter my days of dressing vintage has been limited to warm days of at least 50 degrees, and we haven’t had too many of those lately. If I wasn’t such a wimp, I would just suck it up and wear the dresses anyway, but lets face it I like to be war over wearing a dress! This past Friday it was close to 60 degrees so I got to wear a dress that I ordered months ago and was waiting to wear. I was so excited. Believe it or not I bought this dress on the Wish App! The quality is decent enough for the $15 I paid for it and it actually looked like the dress in the picture so that is exciting. Here is my outfit with details on where I purchased all the items I am wearing.

Dress: Wish App

Stockings: What Katie Did

Petticoat: Grace Karin purchased from Amazon

Belt: Unique Vintage

Shoes: Modcloth

I’m also wearing my first snood! These are great for days when I don’t feel like curling all of my hair or doing an over night roller set. I just threw in two victory rolls with my trusted Roll and Go Tool (Check for a post on that in the future) and then threw the rest of my hair in the snood with a rose hair clip. It took me 5 minutes to do my hair!

1940s hairstyle with Snoof