Summer Vintage Wardrobe Essentials – Dresses

I can’t believe summer is almost here! It’s my favorite season because I am always cold and the heat of the summer is perfect for me. Plus I LOVE wearing dresses and skirts in the summer. I’ve been looking forward to adding summery clothes to my wardrobe and I came up with this list of my favorite vintage style summer dresses and where to find them. A lot of vintage reproduction stores now have their summer lines out so its the perfect time to do some summer wardrobe shopping!

The first selection of dresses I am going to show you is from Unique Vintage. I get a lot of my clothes from here, and they sell from multiple brands, so its a good place to look. I love sleeveless or short sleeve shirt dresses for summer and Unique Vintage has several that I really love. Banned Yellow & Pink Beach Parasol Print Cotton Button Up Dress (pictured left), Light Blue & Blooming Floral Print Button Up Swing Dress (pictured center) and

Summer is a great time to wear spaghetti strap or halter top dresses. Having no sleeves will help keep you cool in those hot summer months. I don’t know why but Gingham dresses just scream summer picnics to me, like this Red & White Gingham Retro Picnic Sundress (pictured left). Polka dot dresses are another thing I attribute to summer and this Vintage Style Red & White Polka Dot Cotton Flare Dress (pictured center) is so cute and comfortable, I have the same dress in white with black Polka Dots you may have seen on one of my previous outfit of the day posts. This next dress is one I have been coveting since I first saw it a few weeks ago Retro Style Ice Cream Print Jade Sleeveless Swing Dress by Collectif (pictured right), they also make a skirt in this same print if you’d rather have that. Unique Vintage has many great dresses for summer besides the one I showed you here check out their website for more.

Disclaimer: All pictures above are property of Unique Vintage

The next website that I choose to show you summer dresses from is Lindy Bop. I like Lindy Bop because most of their dresses are less than $50 and are great for us vintage gals on a budget. For some reason this summer I am really in to flamingos and Lindy Bop has this adorable ‘Nadia’ Pink Flamingo Stripe Print Cotton Swing Dress (pictured left). ‘Honor’ White Quaint Floral Border Print Swing Dress (pictured center). ‘Corinna’ Blue Chambray Tropical Embroidered Swing Dress (pictured right).

Disclaimer: All pictures above are property of Lindy Bop

If you have a little extra money to spend on your wardobe, Pinup Girl Clothing has some great quality dresses from great vintage reproduction designers like Laura Byrnes. Pinup I really love the Pinup Couture Edie Dress in Palm Print (pictured left) I have a skirt with this same exact print. I love dresses that have the cut out in the stomach area and the Dapper Day for Couture For Every Body Renee Dress in Flag Print (pictured center) has that! Sarong dresses are some of my favorite vintage style dresses for summer and the Bali H’ai Dress in Hawaiian Honeymoon by Charles Phoenix (pictured right) is perfect for a Tiki party.

Disclaimer: All pictures above belong to Pinup Girl Clothing

All these websites provide so many more great options for summer dresses. Be sure to check them out and let me know what your favorite vintage and vintage reproduction dresses for summer are!


Vintage Tiki Party Essentials from Vivien of Holloway

This post was inspired by an event that I will be working at that was organized by Pinups for Pitbulls, Inc, The Bow Wow Luau in June in Staten Island! It got my thinking about retro Tiki Parties and vintage Hawaiian fashion during World War II. So I went on a search for the best Summer/Tiki/Hawaiian vintage inspired outfits and put together my favorites in case you need some inspiration for your summer parties or wardrobe.

The first site that I am going to talk about is Vivien of Holloway. They have the largest selection of Tiki/Hawaiian vintage style clothes that I found on one site. They not only had dresses, but also skirts and shorts. They also just came out with more casual Hawaiian dresses, if you want to wear it on a regular day.

The first dress by Vivien of Holloway, is a style that I adore. The Sarong Dress. It’s awesome because they have a tons of different prints. It also comes with a Bolero that you can wear or not wear with the dress. I love the Sarong Hibiskiss Blue Bolero Set (pictured left) with out the bolero. They also have the Sarong Malibu Red Bolero Set (pictured center) that has a super cute pineapple and hibiscus print. The even have several different color Sarong dresses with Plumeria flowers, like the Sarong Plumeria purple bolero set (pictured right).

If you don’t want a fitted dress and you are looking for a full swing skirt type dress, Vivien of Holloway has you covered there too. They carry several different Hawaiian floral prints in their 1950s Halter Neck Dress. I love the 1950s Halter neck Deluxe Hibiscus Black Dress (pictured left). You can even pair the dress with a belt like they did here in the Red Palm Print Dress (pictured center). And they just released this beautiful White Blue Pink Floral Halter Neck dress (pictured right) recently.

If you want something Hawaiian inspired that is more casual for every day, there are several cute options as well. Such as the Kitty dress shown here in Hula Girl Pink (pictured left) and Pineapple Sky (pictured right). This is a great every day, comfortable dress if you are running errands or doing stuff around the house

Vivien of Holloway just released another casual Hawaiian inspired dress that I HAVE to have! I think this is a good every day dress, but also nice enough to wear to a summer party or picnic. The Anna Sundress comes in a few different patterns so you can order more than one! My favorite patterns are the Palm Beach Red (pictured left) and the Hibiscus Royal (pictured left).

Vivien of Holloway doesn’t just have Hawaiian/Tiki Dresses they also have skirts! And they are my favorite full swing skirts at that. They just came out with the new Circle Skirt Hawaiian Sky (pictured left) that is so pretty and you can get the same floral print with a black or cream background too! When I think of Hawaiian flowers one that always comes to mind is the Bird of Paradise and this Circle Skirt Bird of Paradise (pictured center) has the perfect print. Another one of my favorite flowers is the hibiscus and the Circle Skirt Black Hawaiian (pictured right) has print ones on it!

As far an vintage Hawaiian/Tiki themed clothes go, Vivien of Holloway has the most options out of all the vintage reproduction stores that I have seen. Go to there site and you will find many more patterns in skirts and dresses besides the ones I featured here! Where do you find your vintage Hawaiian inspired clothes from?

Disclaimer: All photographs are property of Vivien of Holloway.



Vintage Style Clothes at EShakti

Welcome to the 3rd weekly series, of “non-vintage stores to find vintage inspired clothes”. This week’s online store is one that I have admired for several years. One of the main reasons I love this website is because you can order the clothes tailored to your height. Most dresses and pants are made for women that are 5’5″ or taller. I know this was personally been a problem for me because I am only 5’1″. But with EShakti you can enter your height on skirts, dresses and pants and decided how low or high you want your skirts to hit. On dresses and some of the skirts you can even choose what kind of sleeves you want! The prices are also very reasonable considering you can pretty much customize the clothes to your liking. The following are some of my favorite suggestions on vintage style clothes on Eshakti.

Of course first I am going to start off with the dresses, but I love them of course! Also its spring (almost summer) and Eshakti has some really cute spring/summery dresses. Another thing I love about their dresses is that a lot of them have pockets! They have a line of nautical themed dresses out now, like this cute Lobster and Crab Print Shirt Dress (pictured left). I’m a sucker for floral dresses at this time of year and the Check with floral print corset dress (pictured center) is perfect for a warm day picnic in the park and yes it has pockets! I have been screeching the internet the past couple of weeks for the perfect vintage style lemon dress and I just found it in Eshakti’s Lemon Print Dupioni Midi Dress (pictured right) and again……… has POCKETS!!

Because EShakti has so many dresses that I considered vintage inspired, I have to show you more than just three because I love so many of them! I love vintage style dresses that have ties on the neck and this Tie Neck Sequin Tile Print Dress (pictured left) is super cute for summer because its sleeveless. I am really digging shirt dresses for this time of year and this Palm Tree Print Shirtdress (pictured center) would be perfect for a summer Tiki party. I mentioned in previous post that I also love bird prints and this Bird on a wire cotton poplin dress is super cute (pictured right).

Adding to the list of reasons why I love EShakti, is that most of there skirts have pockets and you know how much I love pockets in my skirts and dresses! They have several full skirts, like this Leaf Print Full Cotton Skirt (pictured left), which is a great print for summer. I think every vintage gal needs an essential white full skirt for summer and the White Poplin Full Skirt is perfect (pictured center), you can mix and match with many different tops. I love vintage style tropical print dresses and skirts for the summer time and this Tropical Pineapple Print Skirt (pictured right) is super adorable, I can imagine wearing it to a Tiki Party.

EShakti does not disappoint with there selection of vintage inspired dresses and skirts, and with pockets! That is just beyond exciting in my book. The only thing they are lacking are vintage inspired tops and pants. All there clothes are still lovely, so if you aren’t strictly wearing vintage like I try to, I would definitely check out their other selection of clothes. The fact that they will have the clothes to your height measurements without extra cost, is something that I have not seen a lot of places do and I really commend them for that.

Disclaimer: All photographs contained in this post are property of EShakti.


Vintage Inspired Clothes at ChicWish

Last week I wrote a post about a non vintage store (Forever21) that you can find vintage inspired clothes. Well I decided to make this a weekly post because I keep finding other stores that are not necessarily vintage that are selling vintage looking clothes. I’m on a budget so I am always on the hunt for the less expensive vintage style clothes. This week I will be showing you some vintage style pieces from Chicwish. I think this store popped up on Instagram or facebook and of course I had to check it out. Now not all their clothes are vintage style so you might have to go digging.

Right off the bat I started in the skirt section, because I am always looking for full, swing style skirts and they had many to choose from. The following are just some of my favorites. Of course for spring we have to get those floral skirts in like the Peony Renaissance Jacquard Midi Skirt (Pictured left). They also have those floral border print skirts that I love with this Gone with Rose Midi skirt (pictured center). And we can’t forget the solid color skirts either like this The Aroma of Rose Embossed Midi Skirt in Hot Pink (pictured right).


If you want vintage style skirts other than full, swing skirts, Chicwish has got you covered there too. Like this Stripe Illusion Frill Hem Skirt (pictured left) that comes in cream and black with white stripes. They also have a cute take on a retro pencil skirt, Retro Taste Check Pencil Skirt (pictured center). I love vintage style A-Line skirts with buttons down the center and the Easygoing Gingham Midi Skirt (pictured right) is the perfect pattern for summer. These are just a sample of the vintage style skirt you can find on Chicwish, go check out the skirt section on their site and you will find a ton more.

As far as dresses go, they don’t have as many vintage style dresses as they do skirts, but I was able to find a few cute ones. Like this Blue Floral Shirt Dress (pictured left). This White Rose Print dress  (pictured center) is listed as a prom dress, but it looks more like a cocktail dress or something you’d wear to a Spring Tea. This Pink Gingham Dress is the perfect dress to wear to the park or a picnic (pictured right).

As far as tops and pants go, I did not find anything on Chicwish’s site that I would be considered vintage style so that is why I am not sharing any of those items. But if you are looking for some cute skirts, this is definitely a great alternative. What non-vintage stores have you found vintage style clothes at? I’d love to hear!


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Vintage Inspired Clothes at Forever 21

So when you think of Forever 21, you probably don’t think of vintage style clothes. They are more of the teenager, trendy type clothes. But believe it or not I have found a few pieces there (swing as swing skirts) that could definitely pass off as vintage inspired. It is hit or miss whether they are going to have anything or not, but I always check, because they have such great prices and you can always find at least one thing. My daughter shops in this store so every time I bring her it gives me the opportunity to look for some vintage looking pieces. Here are a few of the cute pieces I was just able to find today.

If you like the Rockabilly style they have a few pencil style dresses that are perfect and they are under $15!! They have one with a Cherry Print and one with a Gingham Print. These also have this exact style dress in a few solid colors, but I think these two patterns have more of a retro feel to them.


I actually saw this plaid button up pencil skirt (pictured left) on a different vintage reproduction clothing companies website and its almost exactly the same except for that weird strap above the waste (I would remove that strap personally). And I love vintage a line skirts that have buttons down the center like the one pictured on the right.

Sets and playsuits where a big thing in the summer time during the 40s and 50s and Forever 21 actually has a bunch of sets that are vintage inspired. My Two favorite are the Banana Print Linen Blend Top and Skirt (pictured left) and the Polka Dot Crop Top and Short Set.


Make sure you check out their website, right now they are gearing up on the spring and the summer clothes and I have found a lot of vintage looking pieces on there this week. You can also take the pieces from here and pair them with actual vintage reproduction or true vintage pieces that they have. Let me know if you find anything at your Forever 21 that you can incorporate into your vintage wardrobe!

Disclaimer: All images in this post are not my original work and are the property of Forever 21.




Vintage Spring Wardrobe Essentials – Skirts

Last week I talked about good pants/trousers to wear in the spring time, but today its time to talk about skirts! Now the weather during the day is starting to warm up as Spring moves along and I can stop being a wimp and wear skirts. I don’t know why but I personally feel like spring is the perfect time to wear swing skirts. There is just something about them that screams spring to me. Below I have complied my favorite spring looking skirts and where you can purchase them.

Of course my go to Vintage online store, Unique Vintage is going to be first up. I really like Unique Vintage because they also carry most of their clothes in Plus sizes and I think that is great because I have heard from several of my friends that it is hard for them to find true vintage in their size if they are more curvy ladies. Right now I am feeling floral and light colored skirts for spring and Unique Vintage has a few that fall into this category. The first skirt I am sharing is the Plus Size Floral Mexico Swing Skirt by Hell Bunny (Pictured Left), I love vintage reproduction skirts with more modern patterns that you wouldn’t have seen back in the day, and this one definitely delivers (Link to regular size skirt). Pink is my favorite color and the perfect color for a spring swing skirt. I’m loving this Pink and White Polka Dot Circle Skirt (pictured center) on Unique Vintage’s site. It also comes in Mint and White Polka Dots too and it has POCKETS! You can never have to many polka dots! Solid colored skirts are also a great option to have in your wardrobe as well and I’m digging this light blue Circle Skirt by Voodoo Vixen (pictured right). These are just 3 of my favorite spring skirts that Unique Vintage carries. They have a ton more to choose from too! (images are property of Unique Vintage)

The U.K. has a ton of great vintage reproduction clothing sites and one of my other favorites is Collectif, based in London. If you are in the U.S. like me, make sure you check the conversion rate from pounds to dollars, because the site only lists the prices in pounds and the pound is more than the dollar, so you are going to end up spending a little more than the price you see (I made that mistake once). Also, U.K. clothes are sized differently so make sure you check the size charts to see what size you are in the U.K. For example if you are a U.S. 6 you will be a U.K. 10. I love fabrics that have a border print, and this first skirt from Collectif is a great example of that, Vintage Jasmine Floral Broder Print Swing Skirt (pictured left, images are property of Collectif), gives you just enough floral without being too overwhelming. I don’t know if I have mentioned this before but I absolutely love when my vintage skirts and dresses have pockets, when ever I am looking at them I always check to see if they have pockets. This next dress not only has a super adorable pattern, but it also has pockets! The Theodora Charming Bird Flared Skirt (pictured right, images are property of Collectif) is a vintage inspired full swing skirt, and how cute are those birds?!?!

If you are on a budget like me, the next store I am going to tell you about will be great for you. They have some awesome skirts to choose from, all under $40. Lindy Bop, is another international based company but the have a U.S. site (it displays U.S. prices so you don’t have to try and figure out the conversion) and they only charge $7 to deliver to the U.S. I also love Lindy Bop, because they have sizes from XS-6XL. Lindy Bop has several different skirts with bird prints that I think are great for spring, like the Marie Pink Heron Print Swing Skirt (pictured left, images are property of Lindy Bop). Did I mention I love pockets in skirts yet? LOL. Lindy Bop has a bunch of skirts with pockets like the Daniella Pink Swan Border Print Swing Skirt (pictured right, images are property of Lindy Bop), it also has that awesome border print that I think is really neat. If it is your first time shopping with Lindy Bop, make sure you sign up for their newsletter and they will send you a code for 10% off your first order.

Believe it or not another website that I have been able to find vintage reproduction clothes for fairly inexpensive is Amazon. Maggie Tang 1950s Vintage Retro Polka Dots Swing Rockabilly Casual Party Skirts (pictured left) comes in several different colors, including polka dots and solids and is les than $30. Amazon also carries GRACE KARIN Women Pleated Vintage Skirts Floral Print CL6294 (Multi-Colored) (pictured right) in many different patterns and colors, they are less than $20 and if you have an Amazon prime account you can get free shipping.

There are tons of options for ladies of all sizes and budgets to find vintage skirts for spring. These are just some of my favorites. What is your favorite vintage skirt to wear in the spring?



Vintage Spring Wardrobe Essentials – Bottoms

Spring (especially in New England) is that weird in between season when you never know if it is going to be skirt or pants weather. Yes, yes I know back in the 40s and 50s women wore dresses even on the coldest days, but I am a wimp when it comes to the cold, so usually if it is below 50 degrees I will not wear a skirt or dress. But it is also sometimes still too warm for the thick wool vintage trousers that I love to wear in the winter. So I have put together a list of great ideas for vintage bottoms that you can wear in the spring depending on if its a chilly day or not.

First I’ll start with pants/trousers since its been cold here in New England lately, I have been wearing light weight trousers. Vivien of Holloway makes a great lighter weight trouser in crepe (they also make them in flannel too so check the title), Katherine Trouser (images are property of Vivien of Holloway), that are perfect to wear to work. The crepe version comes in 5 different colors. These trousers pair great with all the spring tops I mentioned in my post earlier this week.


If you are looking for something a little more causal, Vivien of Holloway also makes a great light weight cotton Pedal Pusher (images are property of Vivien of Holloway). There is no stretch in this material, so they suggest you order up one size. These would be great to wear to picnics or car shows and they look super cute with a peasant style top.


If you like the pin-up or rockabilly look cigarette pants are a great option. Unique Vintage currently has several different pairs of cigarette pants on their website. Vixen by Micheline Pitt has a few pairs of great cigarette pants for sale at Unique Vintage, a pair in classic black (pictured left, images are property of Unique Vintage), hot pink cotton twill (pictured center, images are property of Unique Vintage) and a pair in Indigo Denim (pictured right, images are property of Unique Vintage). The Indigo Denim and the Hot Pink pants also come in plus size!

What are your favorite vintage bottoms to wear in the Spring time? Don’t worry I didn’t forget about the skirts, they will have their own separate post because there are so many great skirts out there and places to get them.